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With fluids, electrolytes, vitamins to manage your condition, each drip is customized to your needs. You don’t have to leave your house or location to receive an IV treatment that satisfies the finest professional requirements, so you can unwind and feel confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our “Recovery & Performance” IV is the most popular. Call us today and we can consult with you to best fit your needs.
Depending on what infusion you get, but our standard IVs take 25-40 minutes.
The simple answer is almost anyone! Increasing fluids and vitamins to the body benefit most people.

We suggest always conferring with your primary care physician before beginning any routine IV vitamin implementation. We do see clients benefit greatly as frequently as weekly vitamin infusions, to monthly boosts for the immune system. It varies from person to person. Call us today for a consult at (512) 434-0651.

Booking can be done in multiple ways, with the easiest way is to call (512) 434-0651. For repeat and return customers, it would be efficient to set up an account through Vagaro and book directly through there.

Vagaro is our scheduling and payment application. For return clients, we recommend setting up a Vagaro account so you can book easily.

We operate in the beautiful City of Austin! Outside of that a travel fee may apply.

Our schedule is 9am-5pm 7 days a week. We do offer after-hours services where a fee may be required, so call us at (512) 434-0651 and we will be able to assist you.

We love groups! We are also proud to offer discounts to groups. Call ahead and ask about group pricing (512) 434-0651.

As of now, we do not accept Insurance.
We respect your time and coordinate with you to make sure we can assist you seamlessly through your everyday life. So, we ask that you be courteous and let us know ahead of your scheduled appointment if you need to change or cancel.
Yes, we do accept tips. All tips go to the technician who helped you!

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