Why We Aren’t Getting The Vitamins and Minerals We Need

Some people might ask – why do we need to get nutrients that we can get from food and supplements? Sometimes, a balanced diet isn’t enough to keep the body nourished. Our bodies need a variety of vitamins and minerals to function at top levels. But we don’t always get all the necessary nutrients from our food, and that can lead to certain deficiencies that result in health problems such as fatigue, headaches, and more serious conditions. There are some essential vitamins, in particular, that the body cannot synthesize on its own, known as “essential vitamins and minerals.”  That’s where drip IV therapy comes in.  

Our Diets

For some of us, the problem is what we’re eating. While we all strive to eat a healthy diet, it can be hard to do so. In some cases, getting a truly well-balanced meal every time can be too expensive. In other cases, convenience is a problem, and our life and work demands simply don’t allow us to source and prepare a well-balanced meal. No matter the reason though, getting the nutrients you need from food is often easier said than done.

Our Soil

Most people know that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to ensure good health. Unfortunately, with modern farming techniques, each successive generation of freshly grown food has slightly less nutrition than the one before it. Not only is soil depletion a concern, but most modern crop farming methods are actually based on regrowing the same soil through extensive fertilization. Fertilizers, as you may know, often have harmful chemicals in them which deplete the soil of its natural nutrition too.

Malnourished Animals

 Not only are we not getting the nutrition from these plant foods that we once did, but the animals we typically eat aren’t getting enough, either. Factory-farmed cows, for instance, are usually fed a non-natural diet high in corn, molasses, and anything that will fatten them quickly. These don’t have the nutrition the cow really needs to thrive, and they pass that depletion on to us. Ultimately, our regular consumption of these animals from factory farms isn’t doing us any favors.

Why Food Isn’t Enough

No matter how much we try to eat healthy, organic, unprocessed foods, it’s still not enough for your body to receive the proper vitamins and nutrients. The only way to get nutrients into your body when consuming food is through digestion. This requires the stomach’s breakdown of food that can then be absorbed through your intestinal tract. Not all of it gets absorbed this way though – in fact, most nutrients don’t, especially if you’re already malnourished or are ill.

The Case of Supplements

Most people can easily access vitamin supplements from the store, so why consider intravenous therapy? It all comes down to whether or not the nutrient can be used by the body and how well. Similar to food, with oral vitamin supplements it is very hard to say how much of any supplement is actually being absorbed. Too many things impact our digestion of vitamins . Some , for example , need fat in order to be absorbed , so ingesting those on an empty stomach means much of the nutrition is lost . Others may be blocked by something within our own systems . Even age can be an issue. The older we get , the less efficient our bodies are at absorbing nutrition from any source. But these issues don’t apply to vitamins delivered via drip therapy. This is because intravenous therapy bypasses the digestive system entirely and goes straight to the bloodstream. Drip IVs give you total control over how much of a nutrient or vitamin can be administered so what you get is effective, well-absorbed vitamins — no guesswork.. 

Vitamin drip therapy is a great way to supplement your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at an optimal level. Without these essential nutrients, your body cannot perform at its best. So if you are not satisfied with the nutrients you are getting from your daily diet and supplement intake- go ahead and call us today at (512) 434-0651 or visit our website to schedule!