Why IV Bird Mobile Drip Therapy is Perfect for Your Business

Why would mobile IV therapy be beneficial to your company? To improve employee health and satisfaction, reduce stress, and increase productivity, we offer in-office wellness and IV services that are customized to your employee’s particular needs. Here are four reasons why your business would benefit from IV Bird Mobile Drip Therapy.

  1. Convenient Wellness

Our in-office IV and wellness services provide the least amount of disruption to your company’s usual business operations, while also saving workers time sitting in line at the doctor’s office or in traffic.

We bring IV services straight to your workplace. Workers can benefit from the health-improving effects of intravenous vitamin treatment without having to take an afternoon off work. We can also deliver IV drips to employee workplaces or set up an IV station on-site. We bring everything required for the appointment, so you don’t have to bother with set up. All of this is done to ensure that you won’t have to worry about employee productivity because they are receiving wellness while remaining at work.

  1. Enhanced Employee Health

Vitamins are crucial for maintaining good health and wellbeing. IV treatment is a quick and simple method to help increase energy and happiness. IV treatment contains immune-boosting vitamins that can help you avoid catching a cold or recover faster from one. Our immunity IV formula’s antioxidants and hydrating saline solution attach to free radicals that cause sickness, flushing them out of your system to help keep employees’ immune systems in top condition. Intravenous vitamins are injected straight into the bloodstreams of your employees for minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

Your staff can receive the necessary vitamins with our in-office IV vitamin therapy, which will help them feel wonderful and perform at their best. Plus, with employees at optimal health, there will be less sick day usage to continue the productive cycle. 

  1. Improved Employee Happiness and Culture

It’s no secret that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce, which can help your business accomplish its quarterly goals. The corporate world might be demanding, but IV Bird Mobile Drip Therapy can help relieve stress and increase overall contentment.

If you treat employees well, they’ll have less work-related stress, which will also improve their health.  Showing appreciation for their work will create a desire in employees to provide quality to your customers. It will contribute to increased productivity and profitability, which is a win-win situation for your company. If you provide regular drip iv therapy for your employees, they will feel valued and actually want to come to work.

  1. Tailored to Your Business

IV Bird is excited to offer a suite of Mobile Drip IV services to small, medium, and big organizations. Your staff can choose what type of wellness they need at the time and we take pride in being as available as possible to accommodate your schedule. We value your trust in us to care for your health, so we do everything we can to maintain that trust. We’re delighted to help you and your team feel your best all year round.


Want to learn more about how we help improve the health and wellness of your employees? Please contact us. We would gladly answer any queries you have regarding our services.