The Latest Celebrity Wellness Craze- Why Celebrities Are Huge Fans of Liquid IV Therapy and How You can Experience the Health Benefits too

It is no surprise major celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow, Chrissy Teigen and Brad Pitt have all been jumping on the latest health trend — vitamin IV drips. One of the most fascinating concepts in our culture is how these celebs keep themselves fit and healthy. Nevertheless, liquid-IV drip therapy isn’t just for the rich and famous. It can be incredibly beneficial to integrate IV therapy into your lifestyle and experience all the benefits actors, singers, and supermodels receive.    

You may be asking yourself, why are celebrities going crazy for liquid IV therapy? There are many reasons why celebrities choose to undergo various liquid IV treatments. These infusions are unique compared to other treatments because they deliver vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly to your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system, and ensuring full absorption of the nutrients. Stars use IV therapy by selecting a cocktail of vitamins that cater to their individual needs. For instance, Brad Pitt was an early adopter of IV therapy. His go-to? The Myer’s Cocktail. This drip contains magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin C as well as glutathione to help boost vitality. These vitamins are crucial for fighting off illness and promoting healthy skin and hair. It’s one reason Brad stays looking fit and youthful on camera. 

Another major advocate of IV therapy is Chrissy Tiegan. The American model and television personality took to Instagram to post a picture of her receiving an infusion from home with the caption, “hello body meet vitamins”. She boasts IV therapy for its amazing health and beauty benefits that helps keep her skin looking flawless and glowy. Her husband, superstar John Legend, isn’t afraid to show his love for IV treatments either. John is known to use drips that bolster his immune system to fight against infection before his live shows.

One celebrity who swears by IV therapy and its many touted health benefits is Gwenyth Paltrow. The Academy Award–winning actress, author, and founder and CEO of the lifestyle company Goop, is a huge health and wellness proponent. Paltrow’s brand Goop specifically caters to the world of health, beauty and cutting-edge wellness practices. It’s no wonder Gwyneth receives regular IV infusions to help her promote optimal hydration levels and boost immunity. She even went as far as providing “drip-bar” stations at her latest wellness summit to ensure attendees got their dose of essential vitamins and minerals. 

 Many of us strive to adopt a healthy, well balanced lifestyle like the biggest names in Hollywood, but it may seem out of reach in our hectic day-to-day lives. However, that can’t be further from the truth as IV drip therapy has become more mainstream. No matter how busy your schedule is, IV Bird makes it easy to incorporate the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive from the comfort of your own home. We offer mobile at home treatments that come straight to you.

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