Travel is notoriously tough on the body. It can be hard to bounce back after jet lag, spending time on cramped airplanes and lugging heavy suitcases around for hours on end. Thankfully, IV (intravenous) therapy is available to save the day for exhausted travelers who feel awful after returning home. What in the world is IV therapy? It’s a treatment that supplies the body with nutrients. This therapy is linked to a host of health perks. It can aid people who are suffering from the effects of dehydration. It can boost heart health. It can even assist people who are trying to recover from travel-related malaise.

If you feel under the weather after travel, you should think about going forward with mobile therapy at home. IV therapy at home has been rising in popularity recently.


IV Therapy Recipes for Tired Travelers

Plane travel is taxing. Elevated altitudes make the immune system a lot more delicate. That’s precisely how flying makes people a lot more vulnerable to viruses such as the common cold. 

Stay Hydrated

The truth is that the vast majority of human beings are dehydrated without even realizing it. If you mix existing dehydration with the stresses of being on the move, it can do a number on the body and on health in general. People tend to get insufficient sleep in times of travel. That’s exactly why it can help so much for them to receive essential vitamins and hydration boosts after getting back home to their daily routines. 

You should never assume that all IV therapy recipes are identical because they’re not. You should ask professionals about recipes that are suitable for tired travelers. If you want to heal rapidly after jet lag and pure exhaustion, it can help to go for an IV therapy treatment that can pamper you with electrolytes, fluids, vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C. 

Again, severe dehydration is a common issue for people who have just gotten back home after trips. If you wish to take charge of post-travel dehydration and all of its unpleasant effects, you may want to look into IV therapy treatment that includes fluids that are brimming with electrolytes. Look into recipes that include calcium, sulfate, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and beyond. 

Travel Germs

Immune system woes are typical in people who have recently traveled a lot. Do your nose and throat feel strangely dry after you get off flights? Your esophagus, sinuses and nose are key in safeguarding you from bacteria. Plane air that’s stale and dry does not allow your membranes to defend your bloodstream from viruses and bacteria effectively. If you want to get your immune system back on track after travel, going for IV therapy may work like a charm. IV therapy can give your body access to essential nutrients like vitamin D3, vitamin C and zinc. 

Do you want to kiss frustrating travel exhaustion goodbye? Reach out to our team to learn more about our mobile IV therapy treatment.