The method of procedure for operating an IV therapy is through infusion using a syringe injection. This method is also often called “Drip”. So there are particular specific tools and equipment sets that are needed in order to properly implement this procedure. As one of the fastest and safest ways to deliver medications as IV drip or therapy directly works through the veins, tools, and sets of equipment used must be sterilized. IV drip or IV therapy is also opted for blood transfusions, treating health conditions, and hydration processes. IV therapy is an intravenous procedure that needs tubes and injections to administer the medications into the veins.

Hence, there are different IV therapy equipment needed depending on the type and purpose of medication needed by a patient, the frequency of the medication and treatment needed by a patient, the duration or period that the patients need the IV drip for, the complexity of the treatment and medication the patient needs. Here are the most important and essential tools and equipment for a successful IV therapy treatment especially if you want to conduct a home-based IV therapy treatment:

  • Full and complete IV Drip or IV therapy procedures include a well-sterilized needle for the initial injection process.
  • A catheter tube is a tool used to open and keep the veins accessible for medical transfusions.
  • An access cap is a tool that enables medical professionals to monitor and administer medications, thus the cap can be closed and opened for specific uses and purposes.
  • A syringe is a tool for transfusing and administering medications into the catheter.
  • An important tool that helps in identifying the proper veins where the medication should be injected is the Tourniquet. In IV therapy, a local anesthetic is injected initially to numb the area where the injections and transfusions are done.
  • The IV bags contain the medications and treatment fluids.
  • Accessories like gauze, bandages and medical tapes to protect the area of injection after the transfusion is made


The main IV therapy equipment sets that conduct checkups, experimentations, and checking of the body system include Imaging Machines and X-ray or Ultrasound Machines. For home appointments IV Drip therapy equipment, and the infusion pump station is needed.

  • An infusion pump station is a machine that regulates and controls the power of the pumps for the transfusion processes. Moreover, for every pump, There are basic tools and sets of equipment to implement the IV therapy procedure the IV tubing which includes the following parts such as:
  1. A Pump Stand that carries all pumping and transfusion equipment and tools
  2. A Sterile Spike that connects the tubing from the injection-transfusion area and the IV Bag
  3. A Drip Chamber for viewing and checking the size of drops per minute and flow of the liquids
  4. Back Check Valve for controlling the fluids from traveling to the wrong tubes
  5. Access Ports for giving access to extra or secondary transfusions
  6. Roller Clamp and Slide Clamps for regulating the speed, stopping, and starting the processes
  7. Extension sets for attaching the tubes to the cannula.