IV therapy infusion is therapy that entails an intravenous injection of medicines or fluids to a vein in the body. Often, IV treatment is more efficient than other forms of medicine and can be administered without requiring the patient to take pills or follow a strict diet.

Health Benefits of IV Therapy Infusion

Below are some health benefits that can be enjoyed through intravenous infusion therapy.

1. Minimizing the Side Effects of Certain Treatments

It is quite common for chemotherapy and radiotherapy to have severe side effects on the body, some of which patients cannot handle alone. In these cases, it is advisable to have IV infusion therapy in order to minimize these side effects from occurring or to hasten their recovery time once they already manifest.


2. Prevention of Malnutrition and Dehydration

Nutritional support and hydration are two important factors that any patient undergoing medical treatment should take into consideration as they can affect one’s recovery process in a big way. That is why it is important to have IV therapy infusion in order to provide much-needed nutrients and fluids to the body.


3. Milder Reaction of the Body to Infections and Medicines

The human body, if not properly taken care of, can easily become prey to various infections, as well as a severe reaction to certain medicines. Since IV therapy infusion is administered directly into the bloodstream, patients can be assured that they would be able to receive their medications in an efficient manner without risking a negative reaction from the body.


4. Safe Way of Administering into the Bloodstream 

For some medications, there is a risk of the drug entering the bloodstream through the skin and thus causing an allergic reaction or overdose. With IV therapy infusion, however, all are administered directly into the bloodstream before reaching other parts of the body, reducing the possibility of allergic reactions and overdose from occurring. 


5. Low Cost

IV therapy infusion is not expensive in comparison to other forms of medical treatments for certain ailments; in fact, it can be quite affordable for most people as it does not require costly medical insurance plans to be covered.


6. Safe Process

With intravenous therapy, all medications are administered directly into the veins without being absorbed through the intestines of the body, thus ensuring that they would not cause any side effects to the body without long-term effects or complications.


7. Flexible Schedule of Treatment

Unlike other forms of medical treatments where a patient must wait for weeks or months before their regular treatment is administered, intravenous therapy can be immediately administered on-demand as needed by patients who have to go through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or other types of medication treatment for several weeks every month.



In summary, IV therapy infusion is also known as an IV treatment, intravenous therapy, or even intravenous delivery. In any case, all of which are terms that can be used interchangeably to describe the same thing: an efficient and safe form of medical treatment that allows patients to receive their medications directly into the bloodstream.